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We Do Not Take Dog Bite Injuries Lightly

Animal attacks can be both psychologically and physically scarring. A dog bite can result in serious injury, including muscle damage, nerve damage, tendon and ligament damage, disfigurement and loss of use of a limb. If you, your child or a loved one has been attacked by a dog or another animal, it’s important to have an experienced Pottsville dog bite attorney who can help.

Is The Pet Owner Liable?

The attorneys at Lieberman, Tamulonis & Hobbs have handled many dog bite cases. We will first determine if the owner of the animal can be held responsible for the attack. Factors that come into play include:

  • The history of the animal
  • Whether the animal had vicious tendencies in the past
  • Whether the owner should have known that the dog could be a danger.

In many cases, the owner is subject to criminal charges. We will work to recover civil damages for you. To speak with a lawyer, contact the law firm by calling 800-473-8125.

The attorneys at LTH Law have taken on personal injury cases in federal and state courts. They are goal-oriented and will focus on coming up with an effective strategy to get the results you want. They are assertive and will be aggressive with the other side when necessary, while working to obtain the compensation you need to cover medical bills and expenses.

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At LTH Law, the lawyers are trusted advisers who provide personal service by returning calls quickly, offering office conferences whenever needed, doing house calls if necessary and working to accommodate your needs. You will be kept updated on any developments or changes to your case.

To talk to a lawyer about an incident involving dog owner negligence in Pennsylvania, contact us online or call 800-473-8125.