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Should you use social media during your divorce?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2024 | Family Law |

You likely use social media on a daily basis. You may use these sites to entertain yourself, catch up with friends and family members and more.

Social media has become a big part of everyday life, but it can complicate matters during a divorce. Understanding how to navigate social media during this time can help prevent potential issues and maintain privacy.

Be mindful of what you post

Think carefully before posting anything on social media. Avoid sharing personal details about the divorce, your ex-spouse or any related legal matters. Keep posts positive and avoid discussing the divorce process publicly.

Adjust privacy settings

Review and adjust privacy settings on all your social media accounts. Ensure that personal information is only visible to trusted friends and family. Consider limiting the audience for past posts and photos.

Avoid discussing legal matters

Refrain from discussing any legal matters related to the divorce on social media. This includes sharing frustrations or venting about the process. These posts can be used in court and may negatively impact the outcome of your divorce.

Think before commenting

Be cautious when commenting on other people’s posts. Avoid engaging in heated discussions or leaving negative comments, especially on posts related to your ex-spouse. Even if you do not initiate the discussion, your comments can reflect poorly on you and may be brought up during the divorce proceedings.

Protect your children’s privacy

If you have children, be mindful of their privacy during the divorce. Avoid posting photos or details about their lives without considering the potential impact. Shielding them from public scrutiny is important during this difficult time.

Monitor tagged posts

Keep an eye on posts others tag you in. Friends and family may unknowingly share information that could affect your divorce. Politely ask them to avoid tagging you in posts related to the divorce or sharing personal details without your consent.

Consider taking a break from social media during the divorce process. This can help reduce stress and prevent any unintentional sharing of sensitive information. Focus on spending time with loved ones and engaging in activities that promote well-being.