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Why are big trucks more dangerous to drive than other vehicles?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury |

It is typical to encounter big trucks when driving, especially on highways that often serve as transportation routes for big rigs and other massive vehicles. It takes a lot for truckers to operate these vehicles because they often present more crash risk factors than most average-sized cars.

There are many reasons why trucks are more dangerous to drive, including the following:

  • They are bigger and heavier, making them challenging to maneuver, more so on slippery roads. A standard trailer truck can reach around 40 tons. This factor can be a crash risk because the weight and distribution can affect how the truck moves as the driver steers.
  • Their size poses space restrictions that can make a collision more likely. If there is not enough space, the truck can quickly crash into any obstructions around it. These vehicles also require more stopping distance than smaller cars.
  • They have significant blind spots, making smaller vehicles invisible to truckers. If the truck driver cannot see the car near it, the collision can be fatal. The general rule is if another motorist cannot see the truck’s side mirror, they are likely in its blind spot. Authorities often advise motorists to maintain a safe distance from these massive rigs to avoid entering these blind zones.

When it comes to sharing the road, both truckers and other motorists should drive safely, avoiding making risky maneuvers.

Truck accidents often leave severe damages

Most of the time, truck crashes have severe consequences, causing catastrophic injuries or even death. Victims often have no choice but to seek compensation to cover their medical expenses and basic needs.

If someone else’s negligence contributed to the accident, the victim could take legal action based on the situation. Doing so could help them get justice and recover from the incident.