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Long-distance co-parenting considerations

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2023 | Child Custody |

The best-case scenario following a divorce with minor children is when both parents remain in close enough proximity for the children to easily maintain a relationship with each of them. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. When one parent relocates and creates a long-distance custody situation, it requires specific considerations.

There are a few things to consider in a long-distance co-parenting situation.

Expand communication options

Modern technology makes it easier than ever for parents and children to maintain contact. Embrace technology with video communication, messaging and texting between your child and both parents. That way, when your kids are with one parent, they still maintain contact with the other one. This facilitates continued involvement even with distance as a factor.

Revise the visitation schedule

When distance plays a role in visitation schedules, consider allowing longer visitations during school vacations or long weekends. Explore the possibility of virtual school platforms to allow greater flexibility where available. Pennsylvania offers a variety of virtual charter schools as part of the public school system, so your child could spend more time with both parents without disrupting their education.

Support your child and their wishes

Whenever possible, find ways to include the other parent in milestones, achievements and events. For example, consider a video call for the other parent to watch a school performance or a championship game.

The more you work together, the easier it is for your child to maintain their relationships. Bridge the distance with communication and technology so that your child gets equal, fair time with both parents.