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Tips to remember when driving close to large trucks

On Behalf of | May 29, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Collisions with trucks can result in severe injuries, so, unsurprisingly, some people feel anxious when driving close to these large vehicles. If you want to stay safe and reduce your risk of crashing while driving near a truck, following these tips might help.

Consider the truck’s blind spots

Truck drivers usually have limited vision of their vehicles’ front, back and sides, so it is generally wise to avoid these blind spots. Additionally, if you look at the truck’s side mirror and cannot see the driver, you are likely in a blind spot. Consider slowing down or driving ahead so the driver can see your car.

Leave enough space

Cutting too close in front of a truck puts your car in a blind spot. Even if the driver sees your vehicle, they might be unable to slow down fast enough to avoid a collision. Trucks usually have a longer braking distance than smaller vehicles, so it often takes longer to make a complete stop.

Do not tailgate

Staying too close behind a truck can be equally dangerous. Your car can slide under the truck if you do not stop quickly enough. The truck’s immense weight may also cause it to roll back over your car if it stops on an incline.

Refrain from passing during a turn

Because of their size, trucks often have to swing in the opposite direction before turning. When doing so, they also need a wide space, especially on their side. Because of these factors, it is generally unwise to pass trucks or stay too close to them as they make a turn.

Because of the trucks’ large size and weight, drivers of conventional passenger cars often have to take extra care when traveling near them. If you are in an accident with a truck and have reason to believe it resulted from the other driver’s negligence, a personal injury attorney can help you build a strong case and fight for your rights.