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Do I need a lawyer when adopting my stepchild?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Family Law |

Adopting your stepchild makes you their legal parent, and it might help give them a sense of security and family. Adoption is often a complex process, and having a lawyer on your side can help you in several ways.


Stepchild adoption involves various forms and documents for you to submit; securing some of them can be challenging. For instance, you need to have the consent of both the child’s biological parents to proceed with the adoption. Thus, the noncustodial parent usually needs to sign a document that says they are giving up their parental rights to their child. Your lawyer can help you secure and submit all pertinent paperwork to the correct government offices.


After you submit the required papers, you usually have to file a petition to adopt your stepchild with the court. What generally follows are preliminary court hearings in which the family law judge confirms the details of your petition. If your stepchild is old enough, the court will likely require their consent for the adoption to continue.

The finalization hearing usually comes after the preliminary hearings. The court issues a certificate recognizing you as your stepchild’s legal parent in successful adoptions. Your lawyer can assist you in all these steps by ensuring that you follow legal guidelines and advocating for your and your stepchild’s rights.

Adoption can be fulfilling for both the stepparent and their stepchild. A lawyer specializing in family law can help work out the more intricate aspects and requirements of the adoption process.