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Can active military couples adopt a child?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2023 | Family Law |

If you and your spouse are both active members of the United States military, then you likely feel a deal of pride in yourselves and each other. There are certain challenges that can arise when two spouses are both on active duty though, and one of these unique hurdles you might choose to overcome is the adoption of a child.

It goes without saying that raising a child always comes with difficulties, especially for busy military couples. You can understand your options for adopting a child by learning more about the adoption process as it pertains to active military couples.

What steps should you follow in a military adoption?

You might wonder if there are rules in place to prevent active military couples from adopting a child, but the reality is that nothing is stopping you from moving forward with the adoption process. Your first step in initiating a military adoption should be to familiarize yourself with the various government resources that are available for military couples looking to adopt. You can then take advantage of those resources to receive specialized guidance on how to proceed.

What are the difficulties in raising a child during active duty?

The military lifestyle can be hectic and unpredictable, so it is important to prepare for how this might affect your adopted child. Moving between deployments may seem natural for you and your spouse, but it can be jarring for a child to transfer schools and start anew on a frequent basis.

Active military couples have every right to adopt a child and there are even specific resources available to help you do so. If complications arise during the course of raising your child in such a unique circumstance, mediation can be a solution for resolving such issues while preserving your family dynamic.