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How can you safely pass a big rig?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Sharing the freeway with semi trucks can be daunting for passenger vehicles. After all, a collision with a big rig can cause catastrophic injuries and damage. When truckers do not follow safety guidelines, they put other drivers’ lives at risk.

There are tips on how to drive next to and ultimately pass truckers to protect yourself on the road.

Remain at a distance

Do not cut in front of a big rig or tailgate. When you cut too close, the trucker may not see you. Likewise, the truck may not have enough time to slow down or stop to avoid hitting your vehicle. Likewise, when behind a truck, the driver cannot see you if you stay too close to the bumper. Likewise, if you stay too close to a truck, you may not be able to stop if the truck stops suddenly. Smaller vehicles can slide under trucks in a rear-end accident.

Large vehicles have blind spots in the front, back and sides. When you cannot see the driver, he or she cannot see you.

Practice extra care

While the trucker is responsible to other drivers, you should also practice care when passing a truck on the freeway. Before you pass, make sure you can see the driver in the side mirror. Next, move to the left lane and speed up to pass. Never linger in blind spots and instead pass quickly. Never pass on a hill where trucks may pick up speed.

If a truck needs to pass you, stay to the right and slow down to give the driver room to pass.