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What does workers’ compensation do in a wrongful death case?

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

If your spouse or parent dies in a work accident, your future may suddenly look untethered. Losing a vital source of income is just another factor on top of the emotional grievance of losing someone you love.

However, Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation laws allow for some support in the event of a wrongful death on the job.

Reasonable wrongful death in Pennsylvania

As the Department of Labor & Industry says, workers’ compensation does entitle the spouse and children to certain death benefits after a wrongful death. Though this does not cover any self-inflicted injury. Death on the job due to intoxication or illegal use of drugs may also void the coverage.

Weekly wrongful death payouts

In order to provide regular support during such a sensitive time, Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation provides a death benefit equal to a certain percentage of your loved one’s weekly wage. This percentage rises up to a certain point depending on the number of children you may have. The specific amount may change or split between beneficiaries depending on your unique situation.

Payouts for funeral costs

Right along with losing a source of income, burying your loved one comes at a large and unexpected cost as well. Workers’ compensation covers up to a certain amount of the funeral charges under the assumption that any expenditure is reasonable.

Financial support during hard times

When navigating this situation, there is a lot of emotion surrounding the pressing need for finding financial support. The documentation and red tape may seem overwhelming. It is important to learn more about your unique wrongful death case and about what resources you have available to handle it.