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How to choose the right executor for your estate

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2022 | Estate Administration |

Your executor determines the success or failure of the administration of your estate. The most well-thought-out estate plan might become a disaster if you hire an incompetent administrator.

According to Pennsylvania Legislature, any person 18 or older with no conflict of interest may oversee your estate, with some other caveats. However, when you choose an executor, you should look beyond the bare minimum legal requirements.

You have the whole country to choose from

If the person resides in the United States and is a United States citizen, they may execute your estate in Pennsylvania. This means you do not have to choose the nearest physical person as an administrator. Pick the most qualified person for the job. If they agree to the responsibility, they can execute your estate from anywhere in the country and travel if necessary.

The wrong person might instigate drama

Many families experience some form of drama or tension. Do not exacerbate this by naming one child the executor if you know this will cause a problem with your other children. Avoid unnecessary conflict, and either find a way to include everyone in the execution process or hire an impartial party.

Reliability is the key

Finally, your executor must be reliable. Do not settle for your friend who you cannot rely on. An executor does not have to be an attorney. However, you should name someone who will hire the proper legal help if necessary.

The execution of an estate can be fast and painless or long and contested. Put the right people in place for your estate administration. Do not put your family and loved ones in a difficult situation.