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Can car crashes cause crush injuries?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Getting into a car crash can result in numerous serious injuries that range from brain damage to spinal injury and more.

Crush injuries are one severe possibility that often gets less attention than these other issues. That does not make it any less potentially severe, though.

The protection of crash cages

Medline Plus discusses the cause of crush injuries in car crashes. Generally speaking, the legs, feet and hands suffer from the highest risk of damage. This is due to the implementation of crash cages within cars.

These cages are essentially additional metal bars within the body of the car itself that work to prevent the main seating area of the car from completely crumpling inward in a severe crash. However, even the best of crash cages do not completely stop the risk of parts of the car body crumpling inward.

How crush injuries still happen

In particular, the foot wells and the dashboard area have a high susceptibility to this problem. This is because crash cages do not extend that far, and the front of the car often ends up highly impacted especially in head-on collisions.

The hands can end up crushed too simply because they are relatively small and can end up in tiny places that can end up caving in if the car rolls or gets hit in a specific way.

Crush injuries of any form are often very serious in nature. This is why it is important to treat them quickly, which helps combat the possibility of problematic long-term complications as resulting from crush damage.