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Why is joint custody preferred?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | Child Custody |

As years go on, more and more people tout the benefits of joint custody. Supporters of this option often discuss the many benefits it holds.

But why is joint custody preferred? Exactly what benefits does it hold, especially for the children of divorce?

Benefits of joint custody

Divorce Magazine discusses the benefits associated with joint custody. Generally speaking, divorce leaves a negative and notable impact on anyone in the family. This includes the children of divorce.

Joint custody, however, provides several benefits, especially to the children. In many cases, the most prominent fear a child has regarding divorce revolves around the possibility of change. Everything they once knew to be true in life will no longer remain as such, and they may lose all support and familiarity they had.

Joint custody allows a slight buffer when it comes to confronting those fears. Instead of completely losing one parent from their life, they get to maintain the support and presence of both.

Though most parents do not opt for equal shared physical custody, joint custody still allows for each parent to have equal say in their child’s life, along with equal presence.

Studies paint joint custody positively

Studies show that children of joint custody tend to have more healthy coping mechanisms compared to children of sole custody. On top of that, they have lower rates of depression, anxiety, and trauma or stress-related disorders.

Thus, if at all possible, parents may want to consider joint custody as an option for their own divorce situation. It could provide a surprising amount of stability and other benefits to children of divorce.