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Compromises to avoid when creating a parenting plan

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Child Custody |

Everyone would prefer an amicable divorce that comes to a quick and rational conclusion. However, finding a mutual middle ground without the involvement of a court often entails sacrifice and compromise.

It is necessary to find a compromise in divorce so that both parties can feel that they receive their fair share in the split. When it comes to planning out the division of time you can spend with your child, though, there are a couple of points you should not compromise on.

Your schedule

When discussing parenting responsibilities and visitation time following a divorce, your co-parent might try to convince you to agree to a schedule that works better for them. If this comes at the expense of your own parenting time, or if it requires much more effort from you than from your ex-spouse, you should think twice before settling. The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services provides a number of resources to help navigate the complexities of sharing custodial duties for divorced parents.

Your child’s happiness

It is all too easy to lose sight of your priorities when trying to “win” more time with your child. You and your ex-spouse might accidentally compromise on your own child’s happiness without realizing it. Try to avoid a situation that may lead to excessively transporting your child back and forth or otherwise making them uncomfortable.

Matters surrounding child custody can be a particularly sensitive aspect of a divorce. Creating a parenting plan that satisfies everyone is difficult, all the more so because both parties have needs that are beyond compromise.