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What is the basis of a personal injury case?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Getting hurt may force you to change many aspects of your life. Dealing with the impacts on your personal life may prove challenging. If your situation qualifies as a personal injury, you may have some options for help.

There are several particulars of a personal injury case that you have to meet to have a chance at recovering compensation. Understanding the basis may give you some insight into whether it is an avenue worth exploring.

How does a case qualify as a personal injury?

The hallmarks of a personal injury claim are fairly simple. You must have suffered an injury due to another person’s reckless or negligent behavior. Negligence is the element required to file a personal injury claim. If you can prove that the at-fault party behaved in a way that ignored the risk to others, then you may have what you need for negligence. Some examples include:

  • Driving at an excessive speed
  • Running stop signs or lights
  • Failing to clean a slick or wet floor
  • Ignoring ice on a front walkway

What are typical financial awards?

Under the law, you have two years from the incident that caused your injury or the date a doctor connected your injury to an event to file a personal injury claim. After you go through the process, you may receive financial compensation or damages. The most common damage awarded in a personal injury claim reimburses you for medical bills and lost wages. You may also qualify for damages to counteract the suffering the injury caused. The highest and most uncommon form of compensation comes in punitive damages.

Focusing on managing your recovery should come first. Getting yourself back on the right track may prove costly, so finding a way to get financial help from a responsible party may help.