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What are my rights after sustaining an injury at work?

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2021 | Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation |

When you are working on a job and you sustain an injury, what do you do? Every year, thousands of Americans find themselves asking this question after an incident at work. Regardless of what your employer says, you may have more rights than you realize.

In the state of Pennsylvania, worker compensation laws protect individuals who sustain injuries while on the job. If, for example, your vision is failing due to poor lighting conditions or an equipment failure caused physical harm, you may qualify for compensation. Make sure you learn your rights as you move ahead.

1. You have the right to an attorney

Sometimes, both employers and insurers try to intimidate employees after an injury, especially when it comes to covering medical claims. Before trying to defend yourself, remember that it is your right to contact an attorney prior to saying anything.

2. You may have the right to medical compensation

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may qualify for medical compensation. Regardless of whether you qualify, however, you have the right to find out if you do. Never let an employer talk you out of seeking legal guidance before making a decision.

3. You may have the right to wage compensation

Similarly, the law also protects Pennsylvania workers with lost wage compensation. Again, whether you qualify depends on your unique circumstances, but you absolutely have the right to find out more information about meeting qualifications.

If you have recently sustained an injury while at work, understanding your rights can help you cover the costs of your healing journey.