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The dangers of speeding for truck drivers

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When truck drivers in Pennsylvania speed, they put themselves, any passengers, other people on the road, and pedestrians in danger. One of the big concerns with a speeding truck is that if the driver loses control, the accident may involve jackknifing or a smaller vehicle going under the truck, situations that can make an accident much worse. The size of trucks also means they can do more damage in general.

Rise in traffic deaths

The National Security Council reports a historic year over year percentage increase of 24% in deadly crashes over the previous year, which is the highest in all the 96 years that the organization has kept records. At the same time, fewer overall vehicle miles were driven, and experts believe that the increase in traffic accidents may have been caused by speeding. As a result, the Operation Safe Driver event in July, which is sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, will focus on speeding throughout the week.

Danger and inefficiency

Truck drivers may be tempted to speed because they think going faster will allow them to be more efficient and deliver more loads. In fact, speeding does not increase efficiency because it drives up fuel prices and wears out tires. Therefore, for not just safety reasons but also in the interest of saving money, truck drivers should avoid speeding.

Both truck drivers and the company they are working for may be considered liable if the negligent actions of a truck driver, such as speeding, cause an accident that injures others. Hurt individuals may want to contact an attorney, particularly if they may have injuries that have delayed symptoms, such as a traumatic brain injury. Such an issue can sometimes be more difficult to get compensation.