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What are the basics of a good co-parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2021 | Child Custody |

If you file for divorce and share children with your ex in Pennsylvania, you’ll need to create a co-parenting plan. A co-parenting plan includes details like where the children will spend weekends and holidays. You’ll want to include the specific drop-off and pick-up times, including which parent will transport the children.

A good co-parenting plan should also include child support guidelines and parameters for when the child can meet the new partner of one of the spouses. Over time, the co-parenting plan can be revised and modified as the children get older and their lifestyles change. The plan can also be adjusted when parents have a change in their job or commitments.

Mistakes to avoid with your co-parenting plan

When creating a co-parenting plan, it’s important to avoid vague details that aren’t specific, which can lead to miscommunication and conflict. Many people forget to include household routines like bedtimes, rules for playing video games and even the foods that the children should eat while the parents share child custody.

It’s important to avoid removing children from scheduled activities to spend more time with a parent. The co-parenting plan should be strict to ensure that one of the parents doesn’t bend the rules or make unauthorized changes, which can affect everyone involved.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you need assistance creating a co-parenting plan, hire a family law attorney to assist you with the process and help you avoid mistakes. A legal professional may offer insight into how to create a solid plan that is in the best interest of your children. A family law attorney may also handle matters that include alimony or spousal support, modifications and enforcement.