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Lane splitting and motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Residents of Pennsylvania may want to read more about how lane splitting, the ability to drive between two cars, affects both the motorist and the motorcycle rider. There are certain things that are helpful to know when it comes to everyone being safe, since accidents may happen.

According to SaferAmerica, lane splitting became legal in California in 2017 and has since become a topic that has seen division on both sides. The practice is not legal in other states.

California issues some disclaimers

With the passage of legislation making lane splitting legal, California also warned that motorcyclists should stay visible. They should avoid blind spots of drivers. Another warning is to drivers of vehicles; drivers may not try to block a motorcyclist from splitting. Personal injury and accidents may result from a driver not realizing the dangers faced by a motorcyclist.

Lane splitting banned in the majority of states

According to the American Motorcyclist Association, every other state besides California has banned this practice. However, it still comes up for discussion, as in 2018, nine other states were considering legislation to make lane splitting legal.

Data shows lane splitting may even be safer

The fact is that California shows a rate of 8.68 motorcycle fatalities per 100,000 population, while the U.S. average is 11.05. This data goes far in saying that lane splitting may make roads safer. However, it is inconclusive, as other factors, such as helmets, must receive consideration.

Possible increase in road rage and misunderstandings

Drivers and motorcyclists differ when it comes to the danger of road splitting. Drivers may not see a motorcycle coming up upon them, and some drivers may feel the need to swerve, putting everyone in danger. On the highway, each person wants to feel their safest, whether in a car or on a motorcycle.

If you or a loved one has had a personal injury from a motor vehicle or motorcycle accident or another type of accident, it may be wise to consult a trusted attorney with experience and knowledge in this type of law. They may help you get the compensation you deserve and aid you in moving on with your life.