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Workers comp claim denied? Here are your options

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

When an employee is injured on the job, their time off will usually be covered by workers’ compensation. In fact, many states such as Pennsylvania require all businesses to have workers’ comp insurance in order to operate legally. However, there will be times when an employee injures themselves, files a claim and gets denied. In this instance, an employee may understandably be confused and angry about the situation. The following includes a list of options you have at your disposal if your claim has been denied.

Reasons why your claim has been denied

You should first understand a few reasons why your claim has been denied. For example, your claim may not have been accepted due to the manner in which you received your injuries. Horseplay or simply not being on the clock may be some reasons for your claim rejection. Other issues that may lead to your worker’s comp claim being denied include:

  • You filed too late.
  • Your employer challenged the claim.
  • You did not receive any form of medical treatment.

Appealing your claim rejection

After you have received your letter of rejection, it is important to concentrate on filing an appeal. The letter presented to you should have a deadline that you must meet to file an appeal. Appeals could lead to a lengthy court case that involves an administrative law judge and even the department of labor. During this case, you will be asked to provide all evidence that you indeed have the right to compensation. Documents such as working hours, duties and medical bills are just a few of the pieces of evidence you will need to present to the court.

Although you have the option to appeal your claim, it is important to consult first with an attorney who is experienced in workers’ comp issues. Doing so may place you in a better position to see a positive outcome.