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Are health care workers more prone to on-the-job injuries?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

While health care workers in Pennsylvania work hard to take care of sick patients on a regular basis, unfortunately, they’re exposed to a wide array of on-the-job risks. In fact, these vital employees are subjected to more risks than both construction and logging workers.

Some of the leading causes that contribute to health care workers’ injuries stem from overexertion, slips and falls, and intentional or unintentional violence. Overexertion can easily set in whenever nurses, doctors and other health care staff lift or move patients. Physical exhaustion can also occur whenever employees are required to work long hours due to a shortage of staff or a spiking demand in patient care too.

Since hospitals need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each time a patient is released, health care workers can suffer from slips, trips and falls due to wet floors. Due to the fast pace of emergency rooms, where items may be discarded on the floor, health care staff may also be likelier to trip or fall.

Health care workers who interact with patients who are intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or dealing with psychological issues can suffer from acts of violence. Patients who literally place their lives in the hands of doctors and nurses may face enormous amounts of stress and fear. The feeling of being out of control can lead to incidents of violence or outbursts.

The unique working environment of hospitals, emergency rooms, nursing facilities and other health care institutions may put health care employees at a greater risk of injuries. At the same time, society relies on the hardworking dedication of these crucial individuals. Health care workers who suffer from workplace injuries may find it difficult to cope financially or physically while they’re recovering. An attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation may be able to offer helpful advice and legal guidance.