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How much car accident victims could receive in damages

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Being injured in a car accident that was caused by the negligence of another motorist, you are likely wondering how much you can seek in compensation. Pennsylvania being a no-fault state, only those who suffered severe injuries can file a third-party insurance claim and receive more than their personal injury protection offers. Keeping that in mind, you can consider whether the following can or cannot apply to your case.

Medical bills and lost wages

The medical expenses can start to pile up quickly as you will be charged for the ambulance ride and for whatever care you receive in the emergency room. There are the imaging tests you might be put through, surgery, the cost of your hospital stay, the follow-up visits and, if applicable, the cost of ongoing care, perhaps in a nursing facility. You may even need your home modified so that it’s wheelchair-accessible, for instance.

Accident victims can also be compensated for the income lost during their recovery. When the injuries are severe, they can claim a diminished capacity to earn a living. There are also the costs associated with maintaining a home.

Considering the long-term effects

Victims could also seek compensation for pain and suffering; emotional distress, such as PTSD or the depression caused by permanent scars; loss of consortium; and other non-economic damages. The less likely they are to fully recover, the more they can seek out.

Hiring a lawyer for your case

When motor vehicle crashes give rise to a claim, victims may benefit from legal representation. You may have the lawyer evaluate your case, determine a fair amount in damages and then negotiate for that amount in your stead. If the insurance company refuses to pay or will only pay out a low settlement, then you could discuss the litigation process with the lawyer.