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Fall driving has its dangers

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Fall is a favorite season for many. People love to get out a favorite jacket and sweater, take deeps breaths of the refreshing cool air, and enjoy nature’s splendor as the leaves change. It is the start of school for kids, while sports fans have football, hockey and basketball seasons, and the baseball playoffs.

While winter tends to be the most treacherous for driving, autumn can nonetheless present a surprising number of dangers that many do not realize.

Season driving hazards

A new season means different driving conditions:

  • Slippery roads: Winter roads can be icy, but brisk fall mornings and nights can mean frost and freezing rain.
  • Leaves: Leaves are lovely to look at, but they tend to cover hazards when they fall off the trees and can be quite slick, especially when wet.
  • Kids on the move: This is an unusual school year in many ways, including kids exercising near home or at the local park during the day. Others still go to school or participate in sports.
  • Animals are active: Fall is the rutting season for deer and other wildlife, which means that they are a serious hazard — it can cause collisions if a driver tries to avoid hitting the animal.
  • Shorter days: Commuters are more likely to find themselves dealing with the sun on the horizon or driving in complete darkness. Both make it harder to identify obstacles or other vehicles.
  • Vehicle tires: They lose some air pressure when the weather cools, causing them to be more sluggish until they are checked and filled.

Unfortunately, not everyone is vigilant

Some are aware of these dangers and adjust their driving accordingly. But others are not so careful. Victims severely injured by these reckless drivers should seek medical help as soon as possible. They may also need the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney who handles motor vehicle accidents. These professionals can help secure compensation for time away from work (now and in the future), related medical expenses not covered by insurance, as well as pain and suffering endured by the driver, passengers, and families.