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North Coventry Township car accident injures four

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

While most people in Pottsville may not realize it at the time, every time they enter another’s vehicle as a passenger, they agree to place their confidence in the skills and care of that driver to keep them safe. Many may not think twice about making this silent commitment because (more often than not) they know the person transporting them.

Yet if and when a ride results in a car accident, the question then becomes exactly to what degree one’s relinquishes responsibility for their own well-being when making this accord. Is a driver liable for anyone’s accident injuries, or do passengers accept such an outcome when they agree to enter their vehicle?

Four local youths injured in one-vehicle accident

Unfortunately, this question can often lead to difficult decisions. One need only look at a recent accident that occurred in North Coventry Township as an example. Per a report from PA Prep Live, local authorities responded to the scene of an accident to find that the vehicle involved had actually rent into two parts in the collision. Two occupants were outside the vehicle; the driver required extraction by first responders. All four vehicle occupants required treatment at local hospitals, with at least one listed as being in critical condition.

Holding a driver responsible for negligent action

While in this case (and others like it), the passengers likely had a previous relationship with their drivers. Seeking legal action against a friend may be difficult, yet in many situations, the expenses resulting from a serious car accident may leave one with little choice. It is in such a situation that having reliable legal advice from an experienced attorney may be so valuable.