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4 tips on safely sharing the road with large vehicles

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Driving alongside large vehicles might make you anxious or scared. You want to protect yourself and your passengers from the dangers of a major collision with a big truck. 

You can follow some tips to safely navigate the roads alongside large trucks and minimize your driving worries. 

Be patient while passing

Speed up and drive closer to the shoulder of the road instead of the truck to practice safe passing. Always pass semi-trucks on the left side. To signal the truck driver that you plan to change lanes, use your turn signals a few seconds before you merge. When passing the truck, dim your bright lights so they do not affect the driver’s vision. 

Be mindful of blind spots

Large blind spots called “No Zones” span all sides of big trucks. If you drive too closely to a semi truck in these areas, the driver might not see you. Especially try to avoid spending time on the right side or directly in front of the cab. 

Stay away from large trucks during bad weather

Bad weather gives commercial drivers less visibility and less control of their trucks so always drive with caution. Slick roads due to rain, ice or snow may cause your car to slide end up underneath the truck. 

Pay attention on steep downhill roads

Stay away from the front of a semi truck when you are driving down a steep road. The momentum quickens the descent of large trucks so drivers need more time to stop than people operating smaller passenger cars do. 

By taking these steps, you can do your part in being a safe, responsible driver.