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How do you reduce the damage of breaking divorce to your kids?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2020 | Divorce |

Pennsylvania parents like you already have to deal with a lot during divorce. You have your own personal matters to attend to, like asset division. You also have the legal matters of handling your child. This may include custody, visitation schedules and child support payments. 

But how do you deal with the emotional side of divorce? Is there anything you can do to make it easier on your child? 

Prioritizing your child to limit damage

Psychology Today discusses the damage that divorce can do to your kids. Unfortunately, there is no known way to break the news without it doing any damage. Divorce means an upheaval of life as your child knows it. This is a traumatic experience. No matter how you present it, the core facts will remain the same. But there are ways you can soften the blow and mitigate some damage. 

First, prioritize your child. Make sure they understand this is not their fault. Ensure them that you and your co-parent still love them, even if changes in your life will happen. Do not approach them for this conversation if you and your co-parent are arguing. Your child will likely pick up on this. It will make the prospect of divorce even scarier. 

Facilitate understanding of the situation

Make sure they understand what divorce means, too. You do not need to tell your child every detail. But you should explain what may change and what may stay the same. Explain visitation schedules. Tell them which parent will move out. One of the scariest parts of divorce is facing the unknown. If your child knows what to expect, the divorce will not seem as scary.