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Serious crash leaves one driver dead and another injured

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A two-vehicle crash took place in Pennsylvania’s Whitehall Township late in the afternoon approximately two weeks ago. The driver of one vehicle died and the other sustained serious injuries. 

The collision occurred on MacArthur Road South at the intersection with Church Street. Authorities shut down MacArthur Road for several hours thereafter. 

Coroner summoned to the scene 

The first indication that the crash involved a fatality came from the coroner’s office in Lehigh County. The office only responds to accident scenes when a death occurs there. The coroner confirmed a dispatch to the scene from his office. Authorities later confirmed that one of the drivers involved in the collision died at the scene but have yet to release any information as to the individual’s identity and manner of death. 

One vehicle nearly cut in half 

The driver who died was driving a vehicle that was northbound on MacArthur Road. A southbound vehicle crashed into the northbound one as it made a left turn onto South Church Street. The force of the collision reportedly ejected the driver of the southbound vehicle, who required transportation to a nearby hospital. Authorities describe the southbound driver’s injuries as “serious” but do not go into any further specifics. It does not appear that either vehicle contained any other occupants. 

Contributing factors unknown 

Authorities have not commented on the cause of the crash or any factors that may have contributed to it, such as speed or alcohol. They have not indicated whether there is any intention to file criminal charges in connection with the crash, nor whether there are grounds to do so.