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How helpful is hands-free technology?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Pennsylvania drivers know to avoid roadway dangers. You know that distracted driving is dangerous. You also know that handheld electronic devices increases a driver’s chance of crashing. But sometimes, you need handheld devices in your car. 

Many companies have tried to address the need for handheld devices versus their risk. Hands-free technology is one attempt to address this problem. But how successful is it? 

How hands-free technology is meant to work 

The National Safety Council takes a look at the true worth of hands-free technology. It is true that hands-free tech addresses some of the issues with distracted driving. There are three primary issues. They include drivers: 

  • Taking their hands off the wheel 
  • Taking their eyes off the road 
  • Not thinking about driving 

The first involves physical distractions. The second involves visual distractions. The third involves cognitive distractions. Hands-free tech addresses physical and visual distractions. It lets you use voice operating features. This lets you keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes ahead while operating your device. 

Where hands-free tech falls short 

Unfortunately, it does not help with cognitive distractions. In fact, it is a cognitive distraction. A cognitive distraction is anything that takes your mind off of the task at hand. In this case, that task is driving. Operating a hands-free tech device still needs your focus and concentration. You cannot focus on driving if you are focusing on your device, whether or not you have your hands on it. 

Another danger is the false sense of security hands-free tech provides. If you think you are safe because you use these devices, you may have lapses in caution or concentration.