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When do most bicyclists lose their lives on the road?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

For bicyclists, spending time on the road can be a great source of exercise as well as a way to relieve stress that has built up throughout the day (or even the week). However, bicyclists also face the risk of being involved in a serious accident, and many lives have been lost because of reckless drivers. It is imperative for bicyclists to be aware of the hazards they might encounter while riding, and statistics can shed light on certain times when riding a bike is especially dangerous.

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, most bicyclist fatalities in 2017 took place in the evening, from 6 to 9 PM (irrespective of the season). There may be a number of explanations as to why so many bicyclists lost their lives during this time of the day, but it is likely that risk factors such as poor visibility and driver fatigue played a major role in the number of bicyclists who passed away after being hit by a vehicle.

There are many reasons why bicyclists take to the road in the evening. For some, this may be the only time of day when they have free time to ride their bikes due to their work schedules. Others may prefer riding in the evening after the sun goes down and temperatures are cooler. Either way, riding a bike in the evening and at night can be very risky, and bicyclists should watch out for traffic and wear reflective clothing to reduce the chances of an accident. Tragically, more bicyclist lives will inevitably be claimed in the coming months.