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Are you dealing with a hit-and-run driver?

by | Oct 1, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Being hit and injured in a car accident is frustrating enough. When you are dealing with a hit-and-run driver, your stress may multiply. For example, you may be afraid of getting little financial help for your medical bills because the party who hit you has not been identified.

The good news: Insurance policies that protect you against uninsured and underinsured drivers should apply in hit-and-run situations. Also, sitting down with someone such as an attorney and being asked questions to help jog your memory may achieve the desired result.

If you stayed at the scene

After a car accident, both parties should stop and exchange contact information. When this does not happen, try to note as much as you can about the other vehicle: its make, model, color and license plate number, for example. Pay attention to the direction it flees in and whether any security cameras may have captured the accident. If there are witnesses, they may be able to make up for gaps in your notes or help you ensure your details and recollections are correct.

Get in touch with the police, your insurance company and an attorney as soon as possible. You get an official record on file, and authorities can start looking for the other driver. If you delay, it is even possible the other driver could file first and claim you were the one to flee the scene.

If you followed the driver

If you followed the driver, you already know police may wonder who was truly at fault. Plus, your car might have been further damaged, clouding the issue of property damage. Still, that does not mean you are out of options. Get in touch with police, insurers and an attorney if you have not already, and get a report filed. Ideally, there will be camera footage and witnesses at the accident scene that helps document your case.