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Recovering damages for your car accident

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Are you one of the many people suffering as the result of a car crash? The law recognizes that accidents often inflict several types of damages and makes recovery available for them in a lawsuit. Whatever the severity of your accident, keep in mind that some consequences can take some time to begin really affecting your life. Experienced attorneys make sure to gather data and get expert opinions projecting potential future losses.


Medical damages often take center stage when assessing the consequences of a car crash. You will need treatment and follow-up appointments for any injuries you sustained, and your doctors may order diagnostic tests to identify the source of additional symptoms. Some injuries need long-term ongoing treatment such as physical therapy. You may need to take medicine, use assistive devices or hire someone to help you with daily functioning. As a car crash victim, you also may require psychological treatment for emotional trauma from the accident.

Quality of life

Pain and suffering form another category of damages. Unlike medical damages, which cover economic losses due to needing medical treatment, damages for pain and suffering compensate for a general decrease in quality of life. Many car accident survivors experience physical pain and psychological difficulties such as emotional distress and anxiety. You may have difficulty socializing, and your mental state can even affect existing relationships.


Injuries from an accident can seriously decrease your earning capacity. Many people miss time from work after an accident while getting treatment and recuperating from injuries. If you have more severe injuries, you may suffer from permanent disability or reduction in capacity. Retraining or changing careers can be necessary. Damages in this category generally consist of what you have already lost as well as future projections.

If you are injured in a car accident, you may experience many challenges, but you do have some recourse. A qualified lawyer can help you get the various types of legal compensation available to you.