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Premises Liability

Property Owner Negligence Attorneys in Pennsylvania

Oftentimes, when an individual slips and falls, he or she blames him or herself for the accident. However, property owners have a responsibility to maintain their property. When they don't, they may be liable for accidents that take place on the premises. This could include a property owner who fails to clear the ice and snow from the sidewalk conjoining his or her property in a reasonable amount of time. It could involve a business establishment that fails to properly warn the public of dangers such as a spill on the floor, a leaking roof, a hole in the ground or uneven pavement.

Pottsville, Pennsylvania, Slip-and-Fall Lawyers

In premises liability cases, it's important to have an experienced attorney to protect your interests. At Lieberman, Tamulonis & Hobbs, the attorneys have assisted many individuals who have suffered personal injuries in cases involving premises liability, car accidents, dog bites and more. The attorneys will determine if another party was responsible for the accident, and they will provide you with options for moving forward with the case. To speak with a Reading, Pennsylvania, slip-and-fall attorney, contact LTH Law at 800-473-8125.

The attorneys at LTH Law pride themselves on the level of personal service they provide to each and every client. They will accommodate your needs with flexible schedules, by meeting you at your home, if necessary, and by focusing on your needs and goals. They will form a strategy and will work to meet and exceed your expectations in handling the case. When cases involve going to trial, the attorneys at LTH Law are prepared and ready to go. To schedule a consultation, or to speak with an attorney, contact the firm at 800-473-8125.