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Motorcycle And ATV Accidents

Motorcycle and ATV accidents can be extremely serious because the rider doesn't have the protection that a car provides. Many motorcycle accidents result in serious injury or death. It's extremely important to have the assistance of an attorney with experience representing victims of motorcycle accidents, or you risk the possibility of accepting settlements that are too low to account for all of your financial needs related to the accident.

Compassionate and Dedicated Personal Injury Lawyers

The attorneys at Lieberman, Tamulonis & Hobbs are compassionate and dedicated personal injury lawyers. We provide personal attention by returning phone calls, providing office conferences whenever necessary, doing house calls and offering a flexible appointment schedule. We do all that we can to accommodate for your needs while working to meet your goals and expectations. To speak with a Pottsville truck accident attorney, contact LTH Law today by calling 800-473-8125.

Reading ATV and Recreational Vehicle Accident Attorney

If you or a family member has been injured in a scooter crash, an ATV accident or a motorcycle accident, we will start working to win the compensation you deserve right away by contacting the negligent driver to have him or her submit a claim to his or her insurance company. We will then begin gathering medical records and any evidence available, including photos of injuries and of the accident site.

We will work from there to put pressure on the insurance company to pay out the amount of money that you are entitled to. If the insurance company doesn't agree, we are always ready and willing to move forward with the litigation process, if that's how you want to proceed. Consult us to discuss your case. Contact the Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyers at LTH Law today by calling 800-473-8125.