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Distracted Driving Accidents

Distractions such as cell phones, texting while driving, the radio, other passengers in a vehicle or another driver's failure to keep up on routine maintenance of his or her vehicle may seem insignificant. But when one or more of these distractions cause a car accident, it can significantly impact those involved. If you or a family member was injured in an accident with a negligent driver, don't sign anything, and don't try to handle the case on your own. Having an experienced personal injury attorney can save you from making mistakes that could cost you greatly.

Injured by a Distracted Driver?

At the Pottsville, Pennsylvania, law firm of Lieberman, Tamulonis & Hobbs, our attorneys are compassionate and dedicated to getting the results that our clients want. There is a two-year statute of limitations to file a lawsuit against a negligent driver, and we won't waste any time moving your case forward. We immediately get to work gathering important evidence. We will also contact the negligent driver to ensure that he or she contacts his or her insurance carrier to file a claim. To speak with a personal injury attorney, contact us at 800-473-8125 or after hours send an e-mail, leave a phone number and we will contact you the next day.

Compassionate and Determined Personal Injury Lawyers

At LTH Law, we are accommodating and flexible for our clients. We offer initial consultation so that we can learn the details of your case and better understand your needs and goals. From that point on, we do all that we can to work toward meeting and exceeding your expectations. We will deal with the insurance agency, so that you don't have to. If the insurance carrier isn't willing to pay the amount you are entitled to, we are ready to take your case to court, if necessary.

If you are dealing with injuries sustained in an accident caused by a driver who was drinking, or who was acting negligently, the last thing you need to worry about is the quality of your legal representation. At LTH Law, we have been on both sides of these personal injury cases and are familiar with the arguments the defense will use. This allows us to create a strategy that will allow us to fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a consultation, by calling 800-473-8125.